Looking for UE4 newbies

Hi there!
Ima huge fan of pc game since 90s and I allways wanted to create something myself. Recently I started to learn UE4 and im totally excited about it! 2 months in a row im learning UE4 for 5-6 hours per day and i must say i know a few things already :) Not a pro of course but i think im capable of participating in a simple project. The thing is that creating something aceptable is very time consuming. Modelling, level design, blueprints, lightning, sound, e.t.c. Its nearly impossible to do it all alone or again its super time consuming. I brought a few assets packs + free packs and im currently doing simple project, just to learn, feel how engine works and stuff. Dont ask for screenshots please, its not ready at all, but im working on it >.< The 3D "game" is about player being inside a bunker and he has to find his way out solving different puzzles and riddles, searching for usefull items and stuff. And i faced with above mentioned problem - not enough time to do everything properly. Im not relying on already created by someone blueprints, im doing everything myself, otherwise i dont think its possible to learn engine, cuz copy-pasting its not learning at all for me. So im wondering if anyone UE4 newbie like me wanna join? Maybe we could create something good and learn from eachother? In any case would be cool to work with someone addicted to UE4 as me, would be a usefull experience. If someone intrested in joining our efforts, starting a new project, working on existing one just let me know. Pm me on forum, skype or write me an email if you like, ill be waiting.

skype: pavlik-245

Hi, I’m a noob, wanting to get more skills on using Unreal Engine. So that I may build upon my own project, since I’ve been working solo, I’d like to see if I may join your group. However, I’m an open minded person who’s willing to engage on other projects. I’m good at modeling and creating character concepts :smiley:


Skype- (Lemon Fudge)

Hey guys if you are new to Unreal and want to do a project it might be best to start with something like a game jam. They have a Unreal game jam each month. Really good way to learn and makes you finish a game. Entry is free and you are competing with all skill levels.

Hello i’m looking for a project unpaid for fun I’m a 3D Artist I’m primary field is Hard surface assets.
I do High polys / Low Polys / Baking / Textures / Basic Rigging / Basic Animation. I would bed a little slow at first as I would need to reboot my pipeline for game assets, I’ve not done a game model for a year.

I’m basically noob with this engine but I have worked a little bit with it in the past. I Wish to reboot this hobbie fully.

Shaun Boundy

Your work is quality. :smiley:

That’s very kind of you to say so Envy123. I fixed the links 2 were broken.

Hi there, I’m a veteran C++ gameplay programmer who only recently started using UE4. Nice to meet you guys :slight_smile: I’ve already set up a project of my own though and invested quite a lot of time into it already.

I have a small project which I am developing now. It’s going to be half an hour long only and I’m doing the programming myself.

I am just starting to learn and would love a group to work with to help me learn more. My level design is basic, but decent.