Looking for UE4 Level Designers and 2D/3D Artists

I have put together a team (of about 15 members so far) for a larger, 3D-platform, action/adventure indie game using the Unreal Engine 4. We are currently in the initial stages of development but we are in need of a fairly experienced Level Designer that is familiar with sculpting landscapes based off of concept maps (all maps are ready to be provided). We also need a few more 3D artists that can model, rig, and animate (both organic and hard-surface); as well as 2D artists to contribute to things like concept art, the UI, textures, etc.

At the moment we are working on developing a demo/pre-alpha of the game to crowdfund, so there is no initial payment. All members of the team will receive a share of the funds and after, we will begin the full development of the alpha version.

If you are interested in the position (or at least hearing a little about the concept before you decide) shoot me a message on here or email me:

When you say you are looking for a level designer what exactly what that include? Would they just be sculpting the landscape based off maps? Or is there other work included? I have worked with unreal for over 3 years and am fairly experienced. I am under 18 so i’m not sure if payment would be possible, so I might be willing to work for free (and experience) till I turn 18. If you are interested my email is