Looking for UE4 expert pal :)

Hi guys,since I’m about to start a project in UE4 and often I have generic questions about how to achieve something with UE4 (too many and probably not all worth of a topic) I thought would be really helpful to have someone expert in using it that could be both a friend to talk to of general topics or art (2d or 3d) and to whom I could ask directly trough chat (Steam preferably) my UE4 related question so to have some kind of quick feedback about how I should go about it and feedback about my project and how I could do something better,leaving for the forum the most complex topics.

Ideally this person should have enough knowledge to put together an open world action jrpg type of game,because the question I’ll ask will be all 100% geared toward that topic xD
Btw didn’t introduced myself,I’m Marcus,3d artist (https://www.artstation/artist/marcusaseth) and I want to expand toward a generalist direction,learning how to draw this day :S and this is my Steam profile ://steamcommunity/profiles/76561197998742788/ so if you fit the above description and wouldn’t mind having me as a friend,feel free to add me there :slight_smile:

If you want to learn how Unreal is being used by others with a lot more experience, try looking at YouTube or Twitch.

Start with Tesla Dev. I’m sure others will have other suggestions.

You could join a skype group or add me on skype -> :slight_smile:
Otherwise just ask your questions here in the forum -> we are always here to help

There’s also the IRC channel - #unrealengine at freenode.net.

Just realized my notification where off,sorry for not noticing guys,and thanks for all the suggestions :smiley:
I’ll be adding you,though I don’t have a mic so I won’t join that skype group :S See you on skype :slight_smile:

Yep, will accept you when I’m back home :slight_smile: