Looking for UE4 developer

Hi - we make a popular hair rendering solution for Maya called “Shave and a Haircut”

We’ve made some fantastic progress on realtime hair rendering and are planning on deploying our software as a plugin for UE4, and are looking for a short term contractor to work with us on this. Could turn into long term if you’re a superstar.

You should have a solid idea how UE4’s rendering pipline works, as we’ll be wanting to intersperse our fragments inside their draw loops, which will probably mean modifying some of their source.

Willing to pay well if you really know your stuff and are reliable to deal with as a telecommuter - you must stay available on skype during working hours so we can communicate closely.

I’m new to the list, I hope this is ok posting this here.

Please drop us a mail at, Sudhir will have a look and bring appropriate resumes to my attention.

This looks like a great opportunity, and we’ve got boat loads of experience with UE4. You mentioned a short term contract, what is your turn-around time for this? What is your budget?