Looking for UE4 C++ Programmer for unannounced multiplayer title [Los Angeles area]

Hey there! Kite here.

I’m a solo dev looking for a solid UE4 C++ programmer to join my team. Project is an unannounced multiplayer-only title.

Experience in multiplayer / steam integration would be awesome. If you’ve worked with Blueprint in the past, that would be great as well.

This would be a somewhat fulltime job / partnership with me for 6-9 months or so. Contact me for more details.

Can be remote but if you happened to be in the Los Angeles area that would be really ideal.

Primary duties would include:
-Refactoring some of my slow blueprints into C++ and making sure it all works smoothly
-Expanding multiplayer features / improving on existing features (using Steam currently)
(Specifically, I’d love some help in developing matchmaking, steam party, team voice chat, among other things.)
-Helping troubleshoot and eliminate any nasty bugs or identify potential bugs early on
-Implement new mechanics or assist in implementing new mechanics
-Identifying issues in performance / profiling and assist in optimizing as much as possible
-Probably other stuff too

If all of the above sounds like a ton of fun, let’s talk!
PM me here or Discord me at MellowsoftKite#2152