Looking for UE4 C++ mentor


I’m not a total noob to UE4, or game design and programming in general.

I come from a Java background in banking work.

I’ve spent some time C#-ing on an active high pop MMO server and am currently involved in a small upcoming indie UE4 MMO-ish project.

I’ve done many tutorials and have BPs pretty much covered, as well as some CPP. However, as I’m switching everything to CPP(or well, as much as should be switched anyway, it will always be a bit of a mix ofc) I find that my knowledge is lacking. Most of my work will be in CPP from now on.

I often find myself spending hours googling on how to do a proper function call, and although some documentation is there, sometimes it’s insufficient and I can find no examples of how to do exactly what I want to do. My lack of extensive C++ language knowledge combined with how I would inherit things vs how Epic likes to “inherit things” leads to a lot of reworks and a large waste of time. It would save me so much time if someone could just explain and tell me how to do specific this or that.
This would require you to look over my code and bps at least.

So, I’m willing to pay for answers to my questions if they save me loads of time. This wouldn’t be a “mentor me all the time etc” kind of thing. It’s more of an “on call” kind of thing, when I would rather have someone fully knowledgeable tell me how to do something to speed things up on my end.

Price is negotiable and I’m willing to discuss the terms. If you actually speed up my work - I am willing to pay.

Sent you a PM.