Looking for UE4 Blueprint Scripter or Programmer for 2D platform brawler

[ROYALTY] Looking for UE4 Programmer for 2D platform brawler

Project Title:
Wolf-Pack Battalion (Working Title)

Super-Powered Multiplayer Platform Battler!


  • Original electronic soundtrack*]Cast of exciting and explosive characters*]Blast your opponent out of the stage

Team Structure**:**
Derek - Project Creator&Prototype Creator, Character Art&Design
Brendan - Blueprint Scripting&Stage art
Jordan - Character Animation, Design&Art
Matthew - Q&A, Design
Austen - Q&A

Talent Required:
Blueprint Scripting and/or C++ Programming

  • Must be able to push certain blueprint functions to C++(if applicable). *]Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus. *]Expected to manage and create Animation State Machines. *]Expected to manage and create Attack State Machines as well as any special attack functions.

GIF’s from prototype
Link to Prototype (Not done in UE)

Feel free to contact me through your EpicGamesLauncher