Looking For UE4 Blueprint Programmer (already started project)


I am looking for 1-2 blueprint programmers to join me in creating a game.

The game in question is going to be a survival, open world/sandbox game with a world in which you can mine and build and explore. The theme is going to be a post-apocalyptic sci-fi style. My role on the team is the main animator and leader (though all this stuff shown/implemented has been made by me or trade work)

what is already made is:

player model (getting textured currently but otherwise, game ready) model, full set of animations, already blended in UE, and have a real first person set up.
A voxel pluginthat allows you to create custom voxel worlds.
2 aggressive models, a spider-scorpion hybrid and a mutant wolf, both with a set of animations. (with a third model of a cyborg chicken almost game ready minus the animations)
the beginning basic textures.
A full UI concept created.

I already have a source code set up with the spincer, wolf, FP, materials, and plugin set up on GitHub.

If anyone is interested in joining me, contact me on discord (scorpiologist#6070) and we can talk there.

DM, nickname Vamther