Looking for UE Programmer & Soft Surface Modeler.


Rev Share Opportunity


Quick Overview of Game:

Currently our team consists of:
2 (soon to be 3) → 2D Artists
2 → Modelers (1 - Soft surface, 1 - Hard surface)
1 → Project Lead

We are Looking for:
1-2 → UE Programmers to turn our game into a prototype.
1 → soft surface (organic) modeler to bring concepts into models.

A bit about us:
We take the project seriously, but we are a pretty chill group of guys, and we are looking to hopefully make our break into the game development industry.
Main tools we use:
-Google Hangouts (weekly(ish) meetings)
-Google Drive

We are looking to hopefully soon as possible start a kickstarter, and get some funding fingers crossed.
We are actively trying to build a ‘fan base’ or at least get people to know about the game, it is a slow and tedious process, but we have high hopes for the success of the game.

Qualities we are looking for:

  • Dedicated and enthusiastic about the project
  • Team player, and good communicator
  • Able to follow directions, yet also be able to speak up and contribute to the collaboration

We understand that this is revenue share, and people have jobs along side this project, but we ask that if you apply for the team, that you are able to at least inform the team when you are going to be too busy to contribute, and that you have enough free time to contribute a decent amount to the project. We want to keep the team relatively small, and are not looking to bring on a bunch of people, to only have 1/10th of them active.

What we want from applicants:

  • Portfolio/past work
  • Short description (a paragraph is fine) of why you would be well suited for the team
  • Amount of time you would be able to dedicate to the project
  • Time Zone

Contact us:
We look forward to hearing from you!

The Amalgam Team @ Simplexity Game Studio