Looking for tutorials or assistance creating menus like the Oculus Store, Dashboard, etc.

I’m fairly new to UE but am learning quickly. As crucial as eCommerce is, I’m finding it odd that there is virtually nothing that discusses creating a robust menu like what we have in our in HMD Dashboard. I’m trying to learn how to use my Rift S controllers to scroll menus, similar to the apps we all have in our personal library or when we scroll through new games.

The interaction of the debug laser pointer and gripping and scrolling works very nicely and smoothly. I’ve searched for a week and can’t find anything that can guide me through the process of setting something like that up. I’ve found snippets of things like how to turn on a debug Widget Interaction pointer, or how to attach a widget to a hand. But nothing that ties it all together for someone just learning UE.

I can’t even find anything to buy that I can reverse engineer. Now there’s a Marketplace winner for one of you to create. All the menus are for inGame menus for hit points and life, etc. There are no products on the Marketplace for an eCommerce library or catalog, again, much like the apps library we all have with our Epic accounts and Vive and Oculus inventories and VR Homes.

Anyone have any good pointers, tutorials or suggestions?