Looking for: Tutorial

Hello out there!
I have tried to find a good tutorial on like Youtube, but most of the tutorials are really bad designed for a beginner, and are often missing key features.

So, I was thinking that maybe I should try here. And describe what I am looking for in a tutorial, that are fitting with the UE5 versions.
Basic 8 direction movement(Individual): Walk, Run, Crouch, Prone and Sprint.
Abilities like: Climbing- up, over and on elements.
Camera 1st, 3th and zoom.
Weapon adding, and weapon swapping.
3th person aim, snip aim (Scope)
Outfit adding, and outfit swapping.
Throw (visual equipped) hand grenade (Vanish on use 3x)
UIs like interface and for questing
Player / Character log - For achievements, quest, skill etc

Ok, I can tell you right now why you can’t find a tutorial on that.

It’s because that’s about 1.5 years worth of tutorials :slight_smile:

Just climbing could take months to get working correctly, and could involve watch as many tutorials as you can find. You’re basically asking about a whole game there.

Really, just ‘inventory’ is a whole subject spanning multiple parts of the engine.