Looking for tutorial like this game

Hello everyone !
I had play this game
But it’s old game. It close the server 3 year ago. I really want create a game style like that. 2D turnbase.
I dont worry about:
2d art, icon, etc…
I need find the tutorial for 2d game turnbase like this in video i upload.
what i need :

  • turoial code for game:
    Battle state: Use normal attack, random skill add, counter. All about like game that.
    Turnbase system like this game.
    Special thank for share…
    Sorry my english is bad.

It looks quite simple. Learn the basics of UE4, then take a look at Paper2D and UMG. There are plenty of tutorials around for the systems you need to learn.

Thank you. Where i find tutorial like that

Start here:

Salutations Hotuan,

You may find that you get more help when the question is less broad.
No tutorial is going to teach you every bit that you are asking for, however there are plenty of tutorials that cover individual parts.

Let us start with a basic part of your requirement:
Use normal attack

For this why not try:
Drop two actors in the scene.
Create a UMG Widget with a button.
On begin play attach the UMG Widget to the current player controller.
In the UMG Widget’s event graph have the click event get a reference to both of the actors.
Using one reference, have the actor play an animation indicating an attack.
Using the other reference, have the actor play an animation indicating being hit.

You will see here that even this simple concept is broken down into many parts that I have not laid out step by step, what I have done is given you a few terms that you can Google in order to find out more about what they mean.

By being able to find these tutorials yourself via these search terms you will be properly equiped to solve problems quicker than we can in the future.