Looking for tree models (FBX)

I am looking for FBX tree models and rock models. Does anyone know where I can get some free models to import into UE4?

I am working on a basic outdoor island level.

I pulled some from Blendswap and exported them to UE4.

Search for models on turbosquid, blendswap,…




Thank you so much for these!

Here is another link with some pretty good meshes: ://udkresources/index.php/staticmesh/

You just have to export them out from UDK.

Thanks for your help

If you can find a copy, Tree[d] is the best free foliage generator I’ve used. Unfortunately, Frecle.net appears to be down so you can’t get it from its official source atm.

Hope this helps.


use 3dsky.org
and download

in all honesty the time it takes to find and download trees for free you could use blenders sapling curve to create some pretty good looking trees. Takes maybe 20 minutes to learn how to make a tree in blender then u have that skill going forward definitely worth your time in my opinion either way i wish you luck.