Looking For Tools Programmers

Project Title:
Adventure Roll

Adventure roll is a 3D virtual tabletop. It allows players to create their own worlds and their own games using rules from game systems such as D&D 5E, Pathfinder, Shadowrun etc. Adventure Roll is less of a game and more of a facilitation tool that allows players to quickly create 3D environments that they can move around in and explore. These tools would be designed be forward facing and used by end users as well as internally.


  • Automatic Dungeon Generation
  • Easily create characters and avatars for your games.
  • Explore a virtual world as you quest for treasure and glory.
  • Optionally play using a VR headset for the ultimate immersive experience.
  • Host your very own adventures as a GM and share it with strangers and friends alike.
  • Use voice comms for quick communication with players and the GM.

Team Name:
Allied Games Inc

Team Structure**:**
Justin Dooley Project Manager
Alexandru Merza C++ Programmer

Previous Work:

Talent Required:

**Tools Software Developer **
In this position as a Tools Software Developer, you will be tasked with creating software that will help users author assets or content, act as a bridge between content creation tools and our software and develop automated build processes for assets.


  • An Excellent knowledge of Unreal Engine source code.

  • A firm understanding of file management and discovery systems in Unreal

  • Experience working with cooking and packaging tools

  • Excellent communication skills

  • An understanding of FBX files is a plus

  • Add additional features to the live level editor

  • Document changes and technical specifications.

  • Propose ways to implement new tools based on specifications.

  • Write code for new tools or systems.

Allied Games Website

Contact:Justin Dooley

Hi Justin.Dooley,

I like what you’re doing here, in fact I was talking about a RPG Tabletop Simulator in a couple of threads. I have similar tools requirements for TheGameDevStore.VR, especially the Real-time Multi-user Level Editor. Although its not mentioned, how many concurrent users are you aiming to support with the Live Level Editor?