Looking for the teacher or somebody to learn with me

I am looking for the teacher. I am 17 years old student from Poland and I want to learn Ue4. I know basics already and I want to enhance my knowledge. If someone want to learn this engine with me (on skype/teamspeak/etc) just contact with me. I have watched many tutorials but I think that talking with somebody is more effective option and also we can upgrade our english :》

Add me on skype (nasph96) or join one of the UE4 skype groups :slight_smile:

Heyy Maheon, I’m also looking for a partner that is willing to learn together. However, I am not in your age group and is of 13 years of age. I have just started UE4 yesterday and I have no clue of where I am. If you’re okay with this, add me on skype: foodlover_125. I’m mostly online, so I’ll add you back ASAP.

hello, I am interested as well, I mostly use steam, I am in your age group and would like would like to learn together, do u use steam? maybe we can contact through there?

“Upgrade”??. Yeah you will upgrade your English. BTW I’m also from Poland and 17 years old, what a coincidence don’t you think? Are you in technical college or in high school? Last word from mouth of mine, best way to “upgrade”(ok i’ll do it last time) is to start a project yourself and end it no matter how long will it take you. I’m making a game myself and didn’t reach even pre-alpha state even though i’m doing it for about 5 months :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways have a great time with unreal engine 4.

I’m starting an independent study on game programming. I’ll colaboraré if you want? I’m 17

I don’t mind learning with you guys. Maybe we can collab on projects together.

email me anyone who wants to learn! Cheers!

This thread made my day. Not a real fun of posting stuff but happy to see some great community learning activities. I would like to join on this Skype adventure to learn more about unity and colaborate in learning outcomes.

Skype : marcin.brzostowski