Looking for the correct workflow for product visualization with logos

I’m trying to get my feet wet in UE and I’m trying to find a good workflow getting my labeled product assets from Cinema 4D to UE.
Now, I mostly do product visualizations and use Octane and Arnold as render engines.
Those engines are very straightforward when it comes to texturing and putting logos and labels on products.
The 3D files are mostly CAD files (stp) that I make pretty, so no good UVs, usually just do a flat projection.
Any info I can find about doing this in UE is mostly covering adding decals on walls etc, at least what I have found.
Anyone of you know a good solid way or workflow getting my labeled assets from cinema 4D to UE? I find the material handling in UE a bit unintuitive where I come from.
Appreciate any help in pointing me in any direction to figure this out.