Looking for testers for a game as my graduation project

Good afternoon everyone,

My name is Abdulrahman Alhamoudi, and I’ve started working on a pc game for my software engineering graduation project (at University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada), weirdly enough, we are required to line up testers/customers at the beginning of project, and of course, they can’t be anyone we personally know to avoid conflict of interest, and who also have to be familiar with what are building, making finding people that much harder.

The game will be a tower defense game, in which a lot of content from the marketplace will be used.
I know that’s quite vague, but we are actually almost done with the design, but are yet to finalize it.

I just need 3-4 people, and all they need to do, is confirm that they don’t know us when emailed by my professor, test the game every now and then (I’ll email testers with initial release in few weeks, and it will auto update after each new release), and fill a short questionnaire at the end of semester in December (just 4 multiple choice question, and a comment box).

If interested, please message me with your name and email.

Your help will be immensely appreciated, as we will not be allowed to do the project without testers.

Thank you.