Looking For Teammates for Game Developing

Hi Dear Community,

We are looking for character animator and gameplay developer who wishes to learn anything and want to involved game dev company.
We are establishing a strategy game, royalty will be share of game.

For more details please mail to :

Want to be part of it?
Please include your cv and cover letter in your mail :
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Wrong section dude… But honestly, you’d have more luck walking out in the street and asking some random strangers for help.:D… You can take or leave the advice here: 1 - 2. But I’d strongly encourage you to develop a prototype on your own (for now at least). You’re not a one-time poster either, so you must know by now that game ideas are utterly worthless (as far as ideas go)… Examples: 1 - 2:wink:

I actually have the same issue I have the experience with the engine to basically make whatever I need happen but try finding anyone else to work with unless you are paying cash.

For the MMORPG I would really suggest spending the 95 bucks to buy the MMO starter kit someone was offering here on the forum. It has the entire foundation that you need for that game it is very complete and for the money you can have a very large piece of this already done for you.

I need an artist more than anything. I’ll probably end up paying someone the second I can afford it so that I can make some real progress again. I would suggest doing the same and just paying for individual things you need to get going. A couple character models a couple monsters and so on. With that and the mmo kit you can have a decent demo which might attract more help. Also set up a discord and invite others that have the same goals. The important thing is to get the demo going and be able to show people what your vision is.

@TerrorMedia thanks for your valuable comments. I will look for mmorpg kit. Discord and any other stuff is already in my mind. Thats why I created this post to have some nice friends which is focusing same goal at least.
@ClavosTech mate, I know you have experienced in couple of titles, seems like you are contributing much to unreal forums since you have 4k posts. But as an probability point of view its possible even it has %0.1 chance. I’m digging for that chance mate. I already have some game prototypes. I would gladly share who come this post as interested.

Why not show off some work now. Whose going to come / get interested when there’s nothing to see?
(The original post comes across as someone without any experience as there’s nothing to look at etc).

Plus, everyone has their own projects + work + life bs that keeps them busy. So… Help SELL your idea. :slight_smile:
(Overall I still think its better to work / save and just pay professionals, as there’s too many time wasters).

@ClavosTech mate you done with this post, just go somewhere else. You dont want to understand. I’m pretty explanatory here, rest will go in private. I will not modify my requirements according to your needs, this is my post, my application and my style. Thanks for your feedbacks.

You see folks, word “MMORPG” is red flag in any post, no matter paid or unpaid. It only shows that some people have no idea how much work it is to make such game. And most of potential devs want at least finished project for their commitment. So my advice start with something small that you can finish in a year or so, and let it be no platformer nor mmorpg.

So if you want any unpaid help here, read sticky topic, use template and fill it as much as you can. Explain artstyle of your game, write if its multiplayer mmo, or singleplayer. Give idea about size of project by describing game mechanics. And write what position you cover and what are your skills. And have some pictures as concept art (nice pictures draw attention).

Sorry but guys you dont know how to read my post. I’m not diving into directly MMORPG.w I’m saying that aim will be MMORPG. First we will have 3 or 4 games before mmorpg. Topic is not like “Hey guys I have decided to make mmorpg. Lets do it”. Why you are focusing on mmorpg. Comeon. If you nothing to give as valuable feedback just proceed. Please… My topic goes far away from its focus…
And my feedback for you guys, instead of commenting here, there are lots of unanswered unreal engine questions related to game making. Go answer them. Try to help people.
Yes I will read sticky and edit my post accordingly. Thanks for that btw.

The reason an mmorpg is such a huge thing is because of the costs around running it. Building one is not that different from building any other rpg. Being able to have large amounts of concurrent players logged in is the difficult part and this is why many avoid the idea. If you have a plan for hosting the finished game then this isn’t a deal breaker. We also have more and more options every day that make getting a finished mmo game up and running affordably. Personally I love platformers a great deal I want to play more and feel we need more of them. So saying not to make a particular genre because of some very loose stigma or some barrier that is not present in another genre makes no sense to me. If I recall shovel knight has done tremendously well as have many mmorpg games even at smaller scales. If we allow this to discourage developers then no one will ever make the next great mmorpg or platformer. Yes people should be educated in the pros and cons of each genre but to just say don’t seems silly to me.

On topic I still think the best way you can possibly get people to take this seriously is to post those demo projects. Doesn’t matter if they are very rough or unfinished it will still demonstrate not only what you can do but also that you are serious about getting through the project. Finding others who also want to do the same thing you do is easier if those people can see what it is you want to do so definitely get some more information up about your ideas and projects the more you can describe this the more likely you will be to find the right people.

Decent RPG’s are massive undertakings with hundreds of items, quests, not to mention the size of the environments. MMORPG’s are just that much bigger and more difficult because they have to balance player types to be successful. Most MMO’s are put out by a staff of hundreds working with 8 or 9 figure budgets and still take years. Take the advice and reduce your scope to something more reasonable until you can afford to build a prototype a publisher will fund. Cuz crowd funding isn’t gonna do it for you.

Build a team around some smaller releases, develop a community of fans, and then you can try to tackle prototyping a 100 million dollar project

Your ethos is that of a gamer not a professional developers in that developers want to see some financial reward - not a reward in a game free of capitalism. If it’s a passion project, you need to demonstrate passion i.e something you have done in the WIP section of the forums. Without a reward strategy for developers you wish to “use” and any indication you have used UE4 for more than a week - It encourages feasibility discourse discussions that plague these job offering forums.

Of course this is a red flag as it implies not only programming Multiplayer but Massive which have upkeep costs of running servers - this coupled with your anti-capitalism ideology simply don’t work. I know as I’ve donated many hundreds of dollars to keep servers running for a free game.

Working with computers full time and coming home to work on computers in your spare time will not last - trust me on that :wink:

Hi I have seen your post where are you looking for people to help you with game and I am interested I can do 3d models . Can you contact me on discord Henri#2948 so that we can disscus it quicker there

It may last. My job is basically debugging and analyzing somebody else code, then my hobby is making my own share of bugs and features in my game code. My problem however is that i have many friends wanting to make some game or other side project, but they all are coders. No artists at all, we coders do not mix well with more artistic souls.

And back to topic, this grows dangerously close to offtopic (or general discussion).

Hi @RedrainKuka I’m developing the most unique and innovative MMO Sandbox in the world. Networking/Replication is top priority and that’s where my focus in using UnrealEngine lies. Making money is not evil, Game Devs need to eat too and bills need to be paid, especially with MMOs as they can be expensive to operate. Heck you need money to even develop the MMO. So if you have not considered a Networking Strategy or how to operate the MMO with no monetization strategy, expect this journey to be extremely difficult. Perhaps you’re RPG can start with small 64 multiplayer designed to scale concurrent player usage.

I have worked on an MMORPG and I will tell you that it is a lot more work than some people will spend and 88% of them fail to even launch and the ones that do maybe 2% are even remotely successful.

Topic updated.