Looking For Team To Help With Projects

Hi All,

Well, I’ll get right to it. I’m looking for some individuals who would like to join me in one of the projects I am working on. If all goes well, and the game becomes published, then the work performed would be paid for accordingly. So, as for what I am… I am a modeler/musician/light programming/concept artist/storyteller. If that makes sense.

What I am looking for (preferably people experienced, or out of high school):

3D Modelers. (Character and Environment) - Animation experience an asset but not needed.
Texture Artist
Programmers (Blueprints or C++ (Preferred))
Any other roles are welcome to join as well. But, currently the need for assets and programming outweigh everything.

Project I:
The Project: (Deep Water Blackout):
So, if you got this far, then you must be wondering what this really is, and is it worth it? So, I’ll be very brief with my explanation, because I could write 10 pages worth of info about it. Seriously, I actually wrote 10 pages of info to describe it in detail. The project is technically a horror game, but with more emphasis on a thriller game play. It is based underwater (I won’t get into too much detail here), the graphics are meant to be realistic, yet retro/industrial as well. The AI will be a huge part of this game. It won’t have hordes of enemies to kill, but enough to keep it interesting, and enough darkness to really creep you out. This one is my personal favorite, and lots of time and effort put into planning for it.

Project II:
The Project: (Eon Bridge)
Quite a bit more of a simple project really. The need for people would be the same as above. In this case, All I really should have to say is: Bermuda Triangle type thing, Dinosaurs, Modern Humans, Try to live. Simple right? Well. There is some darker secrets involved. The story is still in development, but Dinosaurs! Come on, that’s just awesome, right? Ok, so anyways, I can provide some images of either of these projects if requested. Eon Bridge, not as much work has been put into it yet. But, soon. It should be a bit quicker of a project than Deep Water Blackout.

I can explain more to those seriously interested in either of these projects. As said above, if this goes to completion, each person will get their share. And if you got this far… AWESOME, hope to hear from you!