Looking For Team To Finish A Fighting Game From Template I Have (PS4)

Hey everyone, first off thank you for checking out our thread. We at cyberpunch games have a fighting character game template that you may have seen from the marketplace. We are currently looking for team members who can create characters, sounds, build the game for ps4 format. Basically we need the whole nine yards in order to make this game possible! My team is a publishing team. We make business happen! We have been publishing to mobile game stores for a while and really want to up the ante. We have a lot of talented Graphic Designers, Video Editors, Promotional Managers and every type of person we need to promote a game and make it possible. We would really love to have the game built to where it can be played on PS4 (We will be able to create the game discs and sell or put the game on the store digital. We may also settle for the game being only PC and we can publish to steam. Here is the template we are wanting to use, . So are you ready for your name to be put out there in the game dev world ? WE CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN! Join us on this journey to make the best game possible and watch the sales climb to the top of the rankings!

Im in!!!

Ive always wanted that template ! Im in on the job for you guys. Im a blueprinter i can do sounds and other things to crwate a great game. email:

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