Looking for Team to develop FPS Horror game

Working Project Title:
ParaShorts: Family Ties

Player takes control of the main character who investigates her home to uncover a mystery about her past. Their goal is to solve the mystery by uncovering journal pages, newspaper articles, audio journals and avoid the supernatural entity stalking her throughout the house.


• Tense atmosphere and theme
• Non combative
• First person Perspective
• Detailed interactive environment of the interior and exterior of the house as well as the front and back yards
• Quick Time events

• Looking for anyone with experience in creating realistic environments
• realistic character models – these will be based after our main actresses
• realistic textures and props

Hoping to create a good beta level to launch a Kickstarter to raise funds or apply for the UE4 grant program in furthering its development.




Skype: Dori4111

Facebook: Redirecting...

Hello, I am interested in this project,
I can help out with the rigging, the modeling, and mostly anything that has to do with visual traits. I’m your guy. I can also do the constructive criticism on the game because I think I know pretty well what a good horror game has. I can also do most of the sounds and animations if needed.


Koolio. I’ll email you as soon as I can.

Is the Project still alive? If so, some screenshots of youre first work would be nice.