Looking for team to create multiplayer FPS for steam

Hey! Thanks for checking out our post!
We are a publishing company looking for a talented team to create us a multiplayer fps game. The game will be on he steam marketplace and hopefully into the esports scene!

We want the game to be a modern war game, similar to the style of csgo!

Nothing to crazy and nothing to simple, just right. We would like the simple game mechanics in the movement and etc.

The job will be paid. We can give money upfront and more once we see progress. Plus a % of whatever the game makes on the store after it is finished!

The reason we are not giving all of the money on start is because we have had troubles in the past with games not being completed.

So if you and your team can create a game like this, are up for the payments, and fame for your company when we launch our game then shoot us an email at

We are a team full of talented business men, promoters and graphic designers that can get our games to the top rankings in no time.