Looking for Team : Renegade X Red Alert 2 Mod

Hey Guys,

im looking for guys which want to make a team with me.
Im currently working on a modification for the “Renegade X” Game. <-
The mod will replace the tiberium sage stuff with “Red Alert 2” Stuff.
At the end, it should be an “Red Alert 2” Shooter like the “Renegade” Games.

At the moment im working alone on this project but its to much stuff for a single person.
So i look for everyone who want to spent some time as full member or just as helper.

Ska-Ara 3D-Modeller
At the moment im the only one in this Team. Here you can see my work

What do i looking for? : Im looking for nearly everything

  • 3D-Artists for Props, Characters or Vehicles
  • Texture Artist
  • Sound Editors
  • UDK Editor
  • Programmers

if you guys have interessant in helping or joining pls contact me via Email or via private message

Thx for reading :slight_smile:

-Push with Extended Information-

Important Information: Because i am a fullblood Gamemodder i want to share my work with much people as possible. So everything which is created for/by this mod can be used for free for other Mods/Projects :slight_smile:

so if someone wants to make an RTS with the Buildings and Units its ok :smiley:

I decidet to make this cuz we modders should help each other in every possible way.

I loved Ren and A path beyond.

I’m not much of a coder though, I can perhaps assist with level design, crank out a map or 2 once the game is in a sufficiently advanced state.

Have you made a moddb or indiedb page by any chance?