Looking for team members for Ultra HD quality Game Modification (Level Design)

Well, to start, I have over a decade experience in Unreal Engine, crating many of my own assets from scratch in 3ds Max. I use Photoshop+ CrazyBump for textures, and have been learning UE4 for about 8 months now. I have designed about a dozen levels in roughly 10 years, but many of them were experiments with unconventional methodology of Ue2.x-UDK- and now getting a grasp on UE4’s wonderful capabilities.

I hope to build a level for Insurgency that is good looking, fairly Photo-Realistic, and very enjoyable to play, based upon a Real-World Location I have references for (the schematicsare unavailable so building the interior will allow for artistic license to make it fun and tactical.)

The Level will be cooked and implemented into Insurgency Sandstorm, and the use of their tools is available through the Epic Games Launcher.