Looking for team members for rpg/rts title

Here are showcase videos to show the updates to Adrayvia’s Combat System:


I’m designing and developing an Action RPG for the PC (multi-platform design is in place) and I am looking for team members to help flesh out the design to the full working prototype stage. I’ve been working on this project since July, and at the moment I have written a considerable amount of the Script (fiction), produced the Concept Art (teammates), designed the UI prototypes in PS, enabled the in-game UI to work with the Gamepad, Keyboard and /or Mouse, designed the Player Character’s Combat System with Attack, Parry, Evade, Counter and Special Attack Systems, and designed the AI Character’s Combat System with Ranged Attack, Melee Attack, Feint, Hit, Parry, Death and Special Attack Systems. I have also implemented Team Combat (second video), but I would like to speed things up, and that’s why I’m looking for new members to develop the game with me.

Areas I currently work on for this project:

  • Game Design (Combat Mechanics, RPG Element Mechanics, UI Design, Script-writing, Sound Design, Level Design)
  • Programming (Blueprints-only project)
  • Animation
  • Cinematics (Matinee)

Other areas being worked on by other team members:

  • Concept Art (Character, Environment)

What/who do I need?
Anyone who is good enough in any of the areas below:

  • Programming (Blueprints) (Programmer)
  • Animation (3D Animator)
  • Cinematics (Cinematographer, Film/Movie Director/Producer)
  • UI Design/Development (UMG) (UI Designer/Developer)
  • Sound Design/Engineering (Sound Designer/Engineer)
  • Level Design (Level Designer)

The project is still in its early stages of iteration (I use a combination of Iterative (Graybox) and Planning Processes (GDD)) to ensure my design stands any kind of test, and I also use Level Streaming for individual parts of the project for concurrent iterations. This workflow works splendidly for me. The fiction is steeped heavily in Norse mythology, but don’t worry - Thor, Odin, Freya, Loki, Baldur - the gods are only very vaguely hinted at n the narrative, as the premise is that the entirety of the events transpire on Adrayvia, one of the unnamed and forgotten worlds lost in the branches of Yggdrasil.

Define ‘good enough’ please.
You need to have a portfolio of your work for me to evaluate. If your work speaks for itself, and it commands respect, you’re definitely ‘good enough’, if not even better than that.

For more information about me or this project, please contact me:
Skype: IBMAXX1

Thank you for your time and interest.

Project Adrayvia is now on Indie DB:

The Team Combat designs are now complete. Moving on to RPG designs now.