Looking for team members for an adult medieval fantasy game

Hi there, I don’t know if there are rules against asking for help with an erotic game, but I am currently the only member working on this project. I need anyone who can model, animate, make textures, design UIs, work with blueprints, or generally use C++ if need be. I have a base in all aspects but I am very new the game making. I am only looking for members that are 18 years of age and older. The ultimate goal here is to run a Patreon campaign once we have a proof of concept, and offer reasonable compensation to all team members.

The premise: Your character is new to a wealthy manor and works as a servant, Although this is an adult game, sexual themes are a background and I want to handle this as a professional experience. Your goal as a character is to move up in the household through one of four factions (cooks, gardeners, maids, footmen) and eventually either overthrow the Lord and Lady, marry in, or find some dubious way to be in charge. There will be a lot of emphasis on networking with NPCs and building reputation, as well as choosing which factions you can lose reputation with and not suffer repercussions. There will also be plenty of flavor for the world, like potion making to drive home that the experience isn’t your typical “play until I get mine then close the game” but to have fun and come play to play again.

Customization is a large part of this experience. You will be able to choose race (in skin tone and medieval fantasy “race”), gender, stats, traits, and body type, of which play smaller parts in the big picture. I am aiming for an adult experience that anyone can tailor to their own taste.

This game is important because current adult games are all either very short and incomplete, or too large and look like a PS1-era adventure. There is a market in professional adult gaming and it’s time that someone made a great experience.

If you are interested, let me know, but take seriously the sentiment that there is a market for this. I can’t do it alone, but together we can make something great.

This sounds like a visual novel. If you don’t mind me asking are sure you need UE4 for this? I hope I’m not being rude. I just kind of curious. Also I think I saw this post on Hongfire on the hentai game section.

No offense taken. I apologize for the late response, but no, this is not a VN. Personally, I am not a fan of the genre. This is a 3d game in the vein of Artificial Academy 2, but with a mix of classic “dating sim” games i.e. SimGirl from a decade ago. You are fully able to navigate the mansion and you (currently) have four “actions” to do for each “shift”. Similar to how classes start and end in AA2, your player, being a servant, is bound to three “shifts” in a given day. You can choose to simply work through your shift, gaining extra gold, or make friends, lovers, improve yourself, or cause some trouble. I can see how the structure is do-able and a VN, but that is far from the game that I have been working on in the past few months.

I see it does make since to use UE4. Some what remind me another eroge that being made with Ue4. By the way are planning on participating in Lewd Jam.

As for rules about erotic games, you can ask for help, just remember to not post any even slightly adult images.
There was case when somebody posted artistic “naked” model and was asked to remove picture.