Looking for team members for a four month indie game project

Hello Unreal Engine community!

My team and I are working on an indie game project that should take around four months to complete. We are thinking of pricing this game at around $1.99 on Itch.io, Gamejolt, other indie game sites, and Steam if the Demo is received well. We are working on a loose time frame, with no corporate pressure. The game is a physics gun puzzle game based around a virus infiltrating Thailand’s government (though this is still up for debate). We have just now set deadlines (again, flexible) and are beginning to create the first ten levels which will be in the demo. The full version of the game will have about 40 unique levels.

We would like to know if anybody else would like to join our project, with no guaranteed reward. This is the first game we have worked on, with an intermediate developer, two beginner developers, a voice actor, a you tuber willing to plug the beta and full release, and two beta testers. We are accepting any skill level of the following who are willing to be active on this project, and be able to learn the basics of Unreal Engine, to work on designing materials, objects, and levels:
-Blueprint Script Developer
-Object Modeler
-Material Designer
-Sound Designer
-Beta Tester

Red= Taken
Cyan= Being applied for

Beta testers do not get paid for their contribution unless they have another job. They will get compensated with three free versions of the game to use and share with friends and family. Any other game will get an even split with the rest of the game design team (small team= big portions). Blueprint script developers if beginners can be trained. I myself am the lead on the project and am intermediate in my skills. The game has source control enabled, allowing real-time work flow. This project is just for fun, and I believe we can all further each others skills, no matter what position. If you need more information or would like to join, please contact us with details down below.

Contact us:

Discord: Discord
Email: [EMAIL=“merky@protonmail.com”]merky@protonmail.com
Twitter: spudnik_studios