looking for team members for a evil genius style game

Project Title:
The Mastermind

Design your base, keep your minions happy, Send them into the world to do deeds, Protect your base from outside threats and when everything goes wrong… RUN!
When everything does go wrong you start again with everything you could carry out
There’s a lot more but we don’t need a wall of text


  • Everything is customizable down to the floor colour.
  • Maps and bases are completely procedural.
  • First person and top down, Build your base then walk around and even defend it.
  • Be good or evil
  • Sense of humor through the game

Why am i looking for a team?
I feel like I’m finally at a point where i need to start converting blueprints to C++ and start creating content

Current State:
The current features of the game

Settings Menu
Save and load game
Procedurally generated levels
Dynamic map
Base building
Room colouring
Object building
Ai build the rooms and objects
Ai have stats and tasks

Team Structure**:**
Eskarn(Blueprints/Gameplay Design)
15 years of modding experience and i wanted to apply that to my own game
Talent Required:
Programmer (1)

  • Ability to convert Blueprints into C++
  • Experience with UE4

3D Character Artist (1)

  • Create characters in the style of Despicable me and Mega mind

Animator (1)

  • Ability to rig and animate characters
  • Knowledge of UE4’s animation systems

3D Artist(1)

  • Create props and world objects

UI Designer(1)

  • Design pretty UI menus and buttons

Discord Eskarn#8941

While it says UNPAID i don’t intend this to be forever
My goal is to see if i can get a small team together and get the game to a presentable state then start a Patron to be able to pay the team

However for Talented Programmers that know their way around UE4 I’m willing to do contract payments for blueprint conversions