Looking for team mates to grow with

Hello all,

My name is Casey Sharer, I have always had a strong passion for creation and video games which has been a very large part of my life. I started modding back with DOOM 2 creating WAD files for the game and was hooked, I later made levels and arenas for Unreal Tournament and Duke Nukem 3D and my last project was for NWO recreating Ravenloft modules with level design and quest flow.
I am somewhat proficient with Photoshop and have been using it since 1999.
My biggest life goal is to create one of the most awesome games the world has seen to date and start a company with some awesome talented individuals here in Oregon and just sitting around thinking about it does not get it done, so here I am.
I have a Associates degree in Computer Animation and Modeling however, If I was to do this on my own I could spend a life time and not finish since this would be a side project to my primary job.

With the generosity of the EPIC team in making UE4 available to all of us who aspire to create grate games there has been no better time to do this. I have zbrush license and have been using the program for over a year now (absolutely amazing by the way) to make game assets and also am willing to license 3D animation software such as Studio max 3D or Maya to complete the goals we set as a team. My style is dark in nature always loved conceptualizing and making monsters and stuff that visually looks awesome.

If you are interested send me a PM and let me know. I would like to start conceptualizing this game and get it started. I am currently working on building a library of game assets for level design so that is keeping me plenty busy.

Thank you all for reading my post and I look forward to hearing form some of you out there that have the same goals as I do, I am hoping that this venture turns into something that will fun the group as a company, who’s passion is to just make great games.

Also, thank you EPIC for making one more person happier than they have ever been in a long time.

Hey, I’m interested, I’m a Blueprinter. My Skype is avicohen112.

Thanks Pheonix, I added you in Skype

pm sent =)

Thanks Adam, I will get to it here a little later today at work until 5pm PST in USA, and takes me about 1 hour 40 min to drive back home.

Hi Casey, I am also on the same boat as you with a great passion to succeed in the game development industry. Although, I am still as you would say new to this. My passion for learning is great, so maybe we can discuss further on what your plans & goals are through Skype, or e-mail?

P.S I am very interested in future working on programming, modelling & animations.

Skype: ImPRSM

thank you.

i sent pm , you can count on me too.

Just an update to my post,

Thanks everyone for all the responses, it’s truly refreshing to see how many of you out there have so much passion and drive to be apart of something.
Just to let everyone, know this project is in it’s infancy and the direction were taking is a fantasy isometric RPG, we already have a good base story and characters to work with.
Currently I’m looking for more artists that wish to join and make this a side project, modeler’s, animators, and texture artists, as I can not do all the art on my own…would take forever. Thanks much everyone and if your interested PM me with your Skype, I also have Discord for voice communication (bit easier as I’m most working on projects.)

Looking to return to using UE4, would be nice to have some community and maybe help others with their ideas and what not…

BlueDayReborn is my skype. Love to hear from you.

Hello Casey ,

I am a new 3D modeller , still don’t have a portfolio to show since I’m waiting to join a project and make models for it and then make the portfolio showing the models that I made and some gameplay for the game ( it will look nicer ) I still don’t know how to fully texture my models but it depends ( if your looking for a cartoony kind of style for your game then I can try hand painting the models , if not then I honestly have no idea yet ) so if your still looking for 3D modellers I can make some weapons and props for your game but it will take some time depending on the quality that you want …

PM me if you still need 3D modellers and/or Email me :


Sounds interesting. Would like to talk more about it.

I’m a 3d artist/designer, PM me or email me if interested!

Skype: painedadj91

I’m more of an environment artist, Hit me up on skype or Email