Looking for team mate

Hi everyone.

I’m looking for a fellow programmer to work along with on a project I currently work on as a hobby (FPS project).

Reason is, I’m just bored working solo, would be nice to collab with someone, joke around, having some kind of fun.

About me: I’m a programmer, still a noob in coding, but I’m doing my best to learn C++

Here’s my previous works: (I’m bad at writing, please don’t judge :P)

If anyone interested, feel free to pm me anytime:

My Discord: Revan1611#2907 or Discord

Added you on Discord, We talked a bunch about a high-level project and you seem to be on-booard with it… Rival Playas is meant to be a positive but dramatic Insightful Aspect of living poor in America, and the struggles within…

Thanks for posting, look forward to working with you, hopefully. :wink: