Looking for team - Instanced TPS squad based combat sim in Pripyat!

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Project Title:
Project NLW (External name already determined. Shhh! It’s a secret!)

Project NLW (which is the public name for this project) is an instanced third person shooter RPG set in the Exclusion Zone in Ukraine.
US and Russian forces (both of which are asymmetrical, yet equal playable factions) are sent to intercept and recover research/experiments from facilities that where operated under Pripyat until the Chernobyl incident. The facilities pushed the reactors to their limits in an attempt to provide more power. Forced to leave, word finally became leaked to the Russians. Russian Spetsnaz where sent in to recover these experiments, and the Ukrainian government (hand tied) was forced to call upon the US for help. A ghost war begins.

There is a major focus on Social Interaction, Character Immersion, and realism.


  • Open World(s)*]Unique and automatic player reactions to situations (Flinching, dodging, ducking from sniper fire, rolling out from explosions with minimal player input based on “Combat Experience” attribute.) *]Completely blended and interactive player controller *]Destructible environments (PhysX Fracture) *]Physics on gear/clothing *]Unique 3D interface for equipment and interaction *]Completely physical objects and gear; Each magazine and item attached dynamically to vest realtime with animations and nodes *]Weapon and vest customization using a modular node system *]Cover system *]Vehicles *]Housing similar to SWG; loaded onto terrain without any loading screens. *]Dynamic and advanced animation/navigation system, Injured and limping animations. *]Procedurally Generated tile-set based research facility *]Dynamic Quests *]Bi-Weekly Updates, including new static quests and dynamic quests *]Unique squad based combat, with AI squad mates for officer tree

Team Name:
Name determined, unregistered.

Team Structure**:**

Do note:
Many of my team members are inactive do to college/other careers which take up time. Expected return later this year.

Project Manager - Myself
C++ Programmer - Open, 0/4
Blueprint Scripting - Open, 0/2
3D Character Artist - Open, 0/2
3D Artist - Open, 1/4
Texture Artist - Open, 0/2
Mapper - Open, 0/3
Concept Artist - Open, 1/3 (Priority!)
Animator - Open, 0/4
Web Design - Open, **1/4 **
Login/Online systems website integration - Open, 0/2
Audio Department - Open, 1/4
Weapon and Ballistics programming specialist - Open, 1/2

Previous Work:
See my Trello

Talent Required:
If you are on this post, you most likely know what you are doing. I’ll give anybody a shot, ranging from basic to advanced.


My UE4 Profile

Project Notes:
This project exists as a means of filling the rift being created by various shady publishers and unfinished/finished but unsupported games.
I have been gaming for a long time, long enough to see the ebb and flow of various genres. MMO’s have stalled (Thanks ArcheAge!) and The Survival, Horror, FPS, TPS, and Sandbox Genres have pretty much stalled as well. The **real **Social RPG genre died when Star Wars Galaxies was replaced with SWTOR. Games seem to be moving away from immersion, and there’s very little attachment to your character. Motives change as well; Yes, Game Developers want to get paid, but there used to be this thing in the Gaming Industry called Passion. Game Developers wanted to develop games because they wanted to see an idea come to life, something which everyone could enjoy. Not a money grabbing scheme.

I’ll hopefully have a Kickstarter project going at the beginning of 2016 (Extended from October). The Kickstarter should fund Mocapping tech, among other things. The game is set to be Free-To-Play with micro-transactions for **extra **content.

The largest work is going to be required on the cover system and anim state machine. Many games actually end up simplifying the animation state system in order to cut down on size (In State Of Decay’s case, it was over 2.5 gigs), which significantly impacts player immersion.

I have been working on the concept for a long, long time. It’s time to actually start recruiting.
Thank you for taking a look!


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I know this project sounds large (And it is, really) but with a public tech demo all that would be required is the basic movement/aiming mechanics, raycast weapon damage, a small map with matchmaking and some of the groundwork for dynamic gear. Physics on gear isn’t really that hard to do, considering a “coattail” can be converted in about 10 minutes in Maya.

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Still recruiting!
C++/Blueprint position is still a priority.

Hello Sturm, I think your idea is fairly interesting, if not ambitious for indie development. Still, I have been working on my own game for some time and can’t hack it alone, so I’m looking to join a team with similar game mechanics so I can gather experience and return to my own game in lulls or after completion.
So, I would like to take a crack at a Blueprint Scripting Position, since it seems that and Web Design are the only two skills on your team list that seem attributable to me.
The game I was working on already has a cover system WIP I have hashed together as well as weapons and unique sci-fi effects.
My web design skills include a small business owned and lead bymyself for 3 years, but recently redecuded to a small number of clients thanks to the economy.
If you need some proof of work, I’m happy to take on a task, such as the small map for matchmaking, needed for the demo, and once I’ve slapped it together I can submit it back to you. I would work on the GUI or Combat Experience “Reaction” system, but those seem like monsters for once I am actuall a part of the team.
Look forward to a reply.

I apologize for the delay! I was not receiving reply alerts on my mobile device and missed this.
I’ll send you a PM.

Bump, still looking for team members.

Sh*t! I wanted to create a game in Pripyat… if I had some experience :frowning: