Looking for Team for Top-Down Action Shooter

Project Title: Project Graveyard (Working Title)

Genre- Top-Down - Boss Rush - Action Shooter
Setting- Modern Supernatural World
Game Modes- Single Player - Co-op
Platform- PC - Mac
Graphics- Stylized - Cel-Shaded - 3D

The game is a 3d, top-down, boss rush, action shooter, with 2 player co-op, set in a supernatural world with gameplay similar to Furi, but not inspired by it. It’s an Interesting, funny and at times dark character driven story, with a focus on fun, fast and over-the-top action. The levels will be separated into missions, each with a focus on unique, interesting and tough supernatural boss fights, and different, unique environments.

The game currently has a detailed design document, a good amount of the character concept art and a few placeholder models. There is also a basic prototype that was built in Unity


  • Fun, fast and over-the-top action
  • Mission based levels, with a focus on unique, interesting and tough supernatural boss fights, and different, unique environments.
  • Interesting, funny and at times extremely dark character driven story.
  • Online and Local Co-op

Team Name:
T.A.T. Designs

Team Structure:
Terran Thomas (Project Creator)
Project Management, Concept Artist, Writer & Game Designer

Previous Work:
N/A - First Title

Talent Required:

  • Experience with blueprints preferred, though c++ is fine as well
  • Generalist, specifically with knowledge of character controls and enemy ai

2D Artists-

  • Ability to match/copy current art style
  • Experience with environments, items, storyboards, animation sheets, ui elements, etc.

3D Artists-

  • Ability to accurately model and texture based on concepts
  • Modeling program doesn’t matter

3D Animators- Character and enemy animations

  • Ability to rig and animate player characters, npcs and enemies

Website: (No Official Website Yet)

Skype: terran.thomas
Discord: Terran.TATDesigns#8518

I kind of have old project that is almost (code wise) what you need. Discontinued it when my friend quit. All done in blueprints. Thing is that such game is too much for single coder, and i am almost convinced it is too big for just blueprints. Next week i am going for that unreal fest Europe, so i will be kind of offline for some time (from 22nd april to about 5th mai). However when i get back i will check this topic again and see if you got more people.