Looking for Team for Horror Game

Let me introduce you to project
The Way

In short - our MainCharacter is involved in car accident, looses consciousness and wakes up in a strange place, more like other world. There he must find a way to return to his home. On his journey he will discover strange things, find out about existence of many strange hostile entities, and meet a Guide who will help him.

Notable Features:

  • First Person Perspective
  • Includes RPG elements(gender choice, character dialogues etc.)
  • Non-linear walkthrough, which involves exploring through detailed levels and allows different level completion(e.g. go through vents and reach exit with no problem/try to sneak through corridor,since you weren’t able to find screwdriver or want more action).
  • and more

Who are we looking for:

  • People who are willing to make something new
  • Those with experience in making realistic models and/or environments

Our current goal?
Create 1st level which will serve a Demo for fundraising campaign and ensure development of the game until the end.

Here’s some stuff team made:

And no, it’s not Slender or something related to him.

Interested, want to see more or have some questions? Feel free to contact me on