Looking for team capable of delivering highly realistic Virtual Reality Arch. Viz for HTC Vive

**Looking for Highly realistic Architectural Visualization in UE4: **
Realistic real-world scale architectural materials
Realistic but low-poly/optimized Real-world scale furniture
Realistic lighting
Typically interior space

Development and building for HTC Vive:
Build for Room-scale HTC Vive interactions. Accurate real-world scale.
Motion Controller interactions
Aim to teleport
Interaction with in-scene UI for changing materials, furniture information, etc.
Floorplan UI (map) for locating viewer in the space

Work samples
Description Fees or Rates
Description of work process (team structure and size, work capacity)
Description of development timelines for a single scene

Hello, heres a link to my work. Please email me at mjklinck@gmail so we could discuss fees and rates. Thanks for your time.

Hey @rhizomelabs, we’ve got a ton of Archviz experience and a Vive here in our office so I’d love to chat with you about your project. Do you prefer a PM or is an email better?