Looking For Talented People

Project Title: New Avalon.

The game will be focused on a colony of the Avali race moving from their home to get away from war to a new planet. However, the new place is actually Earth but during a second ice age, which is good for you but bad for humans. As a member of this colony, you’ll be tasked with helping your species to set-up a new home on this frozen planet and you’ll have to make many choices based on the different human factions you will meet, as well as the ultimate choice of helping the humans or exterminating the planet’s pest problem so your race can live safely. Though, no matter what choice you do… You will find that some members of your colony may not agree and ultimately, the war you were running from will catch up in a new form…

-Cartoon-like graphics (think of Fortnite for example).
-Open World
-Frozen Wasteland setting
-Free Focused Project

Currently, the team consist of me, and five others. We all do a little mixture of things but we all have done work before on Unreal at least. Me, personally, I’m more of a story teller, scripter, and world designer. Other members can do some graphic design, modeling, and other similar things.

However, this is all of ours first major project like this. We’ve only really done modding before. Me personally, I started from long ago as a Morrowind modder, but I never did anything to note really, I do apologize.

~Talent Required~
Truthfully, we’ll accept anyone. We are especially looking for people who might be a bit more experienced with Unreal, modeling, and so on. We also have no actual sound designers. So, anyone can really join this project if you wanna enhance your skill and put your name on something else. I do apologize if I’m not being very specific. I’m not the best at this but since this was my idea from the beginning… I became the project’s lead! First time for everything, am I right?

If you’re interested, then please contact me and I’ll get ya to join our Discord group and onto the team. My contact are below:

Discord: Jusey1#8103
Steam: Jusey1

Hello. I am interested in your project. I aspire to be a gameplay programmer in the future, but for now i am just a newbie. Your project sounds cool and i really would like to learn and practice more by helping you to make it. i am seriously new so sorry if i am slow or get stuck on some parts. I also can help with some character design (if you don’t mind more anime-like graphics , but only on paper). For now i haven’t done anything major. Just put skin in a character in UE4 and mapped some ready walking, jumping and attack animations i found on Mixamo. Also i don’t have a discord account but i don’t mind making one. I hope you will let me help even with my (not so many skills). As you said above, First time for everything.

Hey there! This project sounds like a great experience for myself as a student game designer and producer. I have attempted to connect with you on Discord, however I do not think this was succesfull as of yet. Hence why I am posting here now!

My portfolio: (Under construction using Adobe portfolio tools).

Let me know if you are looking for a game designer (Gameplay designer, Combat designer, Systems designer etc.)

Hope to hear soon!

Nice story, has potential to be something great. Hint: mix in some conspiracy theories about Antarctica etc. never give definitive answer, just hint connections.
Two more arguments for this project: it is not mmo and it is not multiplayer. Also next hint: drop open world for now (until you get working proof of concept, and most game systems)