Looking for talented modelers/progammers/coders.

Hello I’m looking for modelers/programmers/coders to join a team I am putting together. I am developing a new game and need somewhat experienced people to join in. My ultimate goal for right now is to have a working concept and make a demo. And to eventually put it on kick starter to get funding. If we do achieve that goal everyone who joins will get a cut from the money earned on kick starter. If your interested in the project and want to know more feel free to contact me on here or you can also find me on steam. My username is blacksabor for both.

You can’t expect people to be interested in a project you have give zero information about, can you give any details?

yes I want to make a ww2 mmo with multi crew ships like the famous graf spee, bismarck, prince of whales, ect. Ships of that era. With the players actually being first person players so they could walk around the ships and control the consuls of the ship to make it fight. I am not trying to make it a mmo right off but eventually down the road. Does that sound interesting to you?