Looking for talented individuals [GameDevelopers, 3D Artists/Modelers, Programmers This is for you!

I’m in need of a team of individuals who are willing to risk time to make a new and epic survival game full of reality…I already have ideas, notes, and things of what i want to do, what the game will be like, Everything i have the idea for.
I just need a team to make it become reality. PLEASE Trade me your time and i promise you you will not be disappointed!!!
As a team expect communication through discord only.

i would be interested in this, i can provide 3d models and rig characters. however you may need an animation artist unless you plan to use mixamo. also i have nothing but time as im home pretty much all the time working on games, i currently need the experience, i can also help you with music/sfx if needed. i play several instruments, know recording arts, and have been studying music for over 10 years.

Hi Im 3D modeler and I can help you.Contact me