Looking for talented developers!

**Hi everyone! We’re looking for talented developers to help us build our first game together. **

Our Team’s name:

RogueAi Team

Team’s Structure:

We’re currently a small team consisting of 4 members:

Tom - Animator, Level Designer, Modeler

Alvaro - Modeler, Texture, Prop Builder

Mike - Programmer, Game Designer, Project manager

Josh - Programmer

Project’s Name:

Codename: Project Mobius

Project’s Description:

Project Mobius is a dynamic Multiplayer First Person Shooter Game with custom gravity mechanic which allows players to walk not only on floor but also on walls and ceiling.


  • Gravity manipulation offers a whole new world of possibilities for the shooter genre.
  • Experience an original futuristic arena with maps based on the works of MC Escher
  • It will feature a deep combat system with different customizable skills for each character.

Project’s Footage:

- YouTube

Talent Required:

  • C++/Blueprint Programmer familiar with UE4 environment

  • Level Designer

  • Modeler


E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]

Discord: Revan1611#2907