Looking For Talented Creature Concept Artist For Upcoming Prime Series


My name is Ethan. Despite nearly 20 years as a Technical Artist myself in the games industry, as it happens right now i’m developing a pilot of a potential series on major streaming services. I’ve had a lot of interest after publishing a “treatment” and am now actively building that into a solid show. Although art is my field, all of the other facets of developing a “television” show from scratch leave me with exactly zero time to “sketch and draw”, so i’m looking for a talented concept artist with a desire for a potential longterm collaboration helping me “visually” world build on a regular basis.

Although the show takes place in modern-day washington state, it has a strong scifi/folk-horror foundation and that’s the part I need help with.

Without giving away spoilers, the town lives, only-partially aware, in a symbiotic relationship with what elders espouse are “Forest Devils” who live in the bordering deep-woods at the base of the mountain.

Although they’re whispered-about at campfires as “spirits that punish those who defile the forest”, they’re actually revealed to be very much flesh-and-blood with a mysterious origin and specific goals of their own.

I’m looking for an individual with a solid talent in creature and costume design to help me take my rough framework and translate them into a totally usable visual representation that I can then transpose into 3D for us ein Unreal 5 and also for the costume department IRL to use as a guide when building the animatronics and costumes associated with them.

Anyone interested in learning more may be required to sign a simple one-page NDA as a large portion of this story is dependent on mystery and the gradual revealing of such.

Included is one image to “give a rough idea” of one-such character i’ve already authored in UE5 and composited with film footage.

Interested? We’re moving fast so please don’t hesitate to drop me a line here, or for more reliable means, just email me at PaleRider4136@gmail.com