Looking for talented addition to the startup

Brief about the company:

We are a development company stuck in the startup phase due to many unforeseen circumstances and many unfortunate events occurred in our team members lives. We anticipated our original project would take due majority of the time we trying to the proper talent to handle the visuals that meet our expectations. As the company president I understand that creating something out of nothing is not easy, it takes a lot of time and effort especially when everyone is gambling their invaluable time. I want justify everyone’s time and their talent by creating something of an AAA full studio quality that match the talented skills we have to go with it. We are a team of gamer that enjoys fun and challenging games. Our vision is to develop games that will immerse the player into the game and get awe by it. We will developing for various platforms Apple iOS, Google Android, Nintendo Wii-U/Switch and PC. In the future we will be doing extensive research and development using VR and hologram technology. We are will do our best to fill our voids or weaknesses in our company hence build an unshakable solid foundation and bond with everyone in the company.

Pay and potential growth

Royalty paid once company gets paid for game which the individual worked on. Potential seat at the Board of Directors or promotion to upper to executive position depend how driven one is and the type of vision where company’s future.

We are looking for talented individuals:

  • 3D modeling, texturing, rigging and animating in various environments
  • Advance knowledge of C, C++ and assembly programming and Unreal Engine
  • Composing music and sound effects

If you have any of following skill sets and willing to gamble with your time and able to work remotely please email me your CV/resume and your most recent work you have done. We use various kinds of chatting apps: BBM, LINE, Skype, Telegram, Whatsapp and Wechat. For voice meeting we use Teamspeak and our main chat is on IRC. For programmer must have access to IPv6 to access our SVN server. For visuals and audio have knowledge how to securely upload the assets to myself or to our FTP servers.

Please don’t hesitate to apply if you are outside of Canada, we are a diverse corporation and like the saying goes you never know until try. Thank you all that applied and reading through so much information. I apologize that our company website is not ready due lack of content.

Kind Regards,
, @.com