looking for talented 3D level designers (environment models artist needed (kickstarter))

Need talented guys that know how to model environment pieces that are game ready and efficient

**What we are looking for:

  • Knowledge of SpeedTree or willing to learn
  • Model and sculpt rocks
  • Can create grass bushes etc
  • Can basically make a open world cluttered with forest, mountains etc**

Our team consist of 18 people, we are all working towards the demo that will be done hopefully by the summer time.

The 3D team is working on the city props, concept is working has already been working on the tons of concepts, characters are being created, we just need someone to help the coders and populate the current world we have.

Games that are we inspired by… Witcher and Skyrim, based on these two games you can imagine what kind of a world we want to create.

We expect quality for everything that comes out on behalf of the studio cause we are trying to build a strong indie studio image that is serious about game development

Email us if you are interested…

Please tell us how you would be a great addition to the team along with a portfolio link.

Thank you and have a good rest of your day

Our teams twitter - @StudiosVaga