Looking for talent - Post-Apocalyptic (First Person) Shooter/Survival

Project Title:

(* For all who wish to join: This project will serve as a bench mark to showcase talent/cooperation in a team for future employers and/or projects. Profit is not of concern regarding this project)*
Based in an apocalyptic world where ‘super soldiers’ known as the Invictus (Invies for short) are the last line of defence. As an invie, the player will be apart of a team of NPCs fighting back the infection that plagues the globe (for more information regarding the backstory, feel free to send me an email).


  • First Person View
  • Survival Elements
  • Suspense & Tense Atmosphere
  • In depth & realistic story

The Invictus will be essentially* bullet proof *due to genetic splicing, making them invulnerable to bites (the infection is primarily spread via saliva, commonly transferred by biting). Though this does not make Invies perfect, *the infection can be spread to invies *if: blood/saliva of an infected reaches orifices (Mouth, ears, eyes etc). Furthermore, if an invie is shot, though the bullet cannot penetrate their skin, it does not make them immune from fatal injures - Broken bones as a result of impact, causing internal bleeding. A shorthand on the infection - it is a mutation of the rabies virus.

Team Structure:

Project Management, Game Design - Intermediate level.

Talent Required:

  • Artists - Character, scenery & level.
  • Sculptors
  • Scripters
  • Blueprinters
  • Character & Level Designers
  • Audio Engineers

Discord Channel: