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Thread Title: [FREE] Looking for Talent
Format: MMORPG - Legends of Markoth.
Company or individual offering post-launch compensation.
Looking for people willing to help for free/experience.
Includes hobby projects, general enquiries etc.

Project Title:
Legends of Markoth – A Path to Destruction

This MMORPG allows players to enter the world of Markoth. A realm desperate for emancipation from a race of immortals who rule them with an iron fist. This cause is helped by one immortal who sympathises with the cause, teaching them magic, and how to fight.

These mortals must then band together to liberate their world from the immortal rule.


• An ever-evolving world alive, with over 7,000km of land to be explored.
• PVP, PVE options, as well as free roam online sandbox.
• Instances, dungeons, quests and jobs in each township.
• Professions, skills and abilities to practice and master.
• Guilds, enclaves and bands to join and run.
• Third person view point.
• Storyline of up to 5 expansions already written with multiple story directions

Team Name:
Lyons Den Ventures pty. Trading as Sledge Studios

Team Structure:
Tadd Lyons (Project Creator)
Rhys Barney – Artist
Leo Huang – Writer

Talent Required:
Coders, Programmers – The platform for the game to run on has not been decided, we would like to get input from programmers on which engine they would be most comfortable working with that could support our project.

Artists – We would need experience with Rigging and modelling. Having experience with realistic art styles is preferable.

Musicians – Experience with scores, and fantasy style SFX.


I am wondering, what’s your sales pitch here? Based on this description it feels like usual WoW like game with nothing special about it. Am I wrong?

Also sad.