Looking for SP caves fix


Since I started playing the game, I mostly stick to singleplayer as I’m not much o an online player… The thing that always disappointed me about the singleplayer always were the caves. I distinctly remember my friend saying, before he also got the game, that the caves are extremely hard/difficult and how many creatures there spawn etc. To my surprise the first time I entered a cave, it was just empty. Maybe a few creatures, but definetely nowhere near how many there are supposed to be. I know there are some workarounds like the “DestroyWildDinos” command and waiting for them to respawn or starting private server, but I’m more looking for some dev kit fix for this (if possible). I assume the no spawning is rather “dinos-spawning-but-falling-under-the-map-and-despawning-because-caves-are-unloaded” kind of situation? I also read some forums and it seems like the caves used to work fine in singleplayer before the first Halloween event.
If anyone could help I would really appreciate it, Thanks!