Looking for something better than PostLoad on a UDataAsset

I’m doing some runtime processing of data assets inside of the PostLoad function. This sort of works, but when playing in the editor, this is only called the first time we launch so it won’t pick up changes made to the data. (It also seems to skip newly created assets, which I don’t understand, but that’s moot given the first problem.)

I tried using PostInitProperties but it’s both too soon and has the same problem anyway.

Is there something built in that I can use here or am I going to need to do manual processing from a separate class?

Fwendly bump, got same question…

Not sure if this will help but few weeks ago few of us were talking about what sounds like same thing and If i remember right Jamish gave us this advice.

Not sure if this helps you out, but if so, you can thank Jamish for this info.

Not fully sure I understand the issue here, but just as a note - DataAssets and DataTables are not supposed to be changed or modified at runtime, they are designed for static build-time data only.

There is no callback for when an arbitrary property is modified at runtime anyway, you would have to setup Setter functions and make those call a central “OnSomethingChanged” function.