Looking for someone with UE4 blueprint experience for basic asset assembly tool

I have been tinkering around with blueprints creating a building tool to quickly assemble our buildings in game, and after a good day Ive decided to concede and pay for some help. How does that saying go? I cant afford to be cheap.

It shouldn’t be the most complicated tool, so if you are interested in a quick extra buck, I have some basic visual designs on how I would like it to function. If all goes well too, theres about a dozen other UE4 tools I can think of to help make my job easier in engine, so there will likely be more work down the line.

I should note, we sell assets on the UE4 marketplace, so the script will most likely be incorporated into a package, given to potentially hundreds of customers. So clean, user friendly layout is key. We wont be marketing the package heavily on this grand tool or anything, it will be more back end help to get us from point A>Z faster.

So if you are interested, email us at jobs@polypixel3d.com. And if you have any basic questions, just ask us here or email us.