Looking for someone with experience with gRPC and blueprints

Hi all,
Looking for someone to help point me in the right direction when it comes to gRPC. I have used varest in the past and i wanted to try to replace that with grpc for my learning project. I have created a grpc server using c# with .net core ef and was able to test with another c# app i made all outside of ue. I am more of a c# guy and i am learning c++ more now but i will admit to not being great with it. So if you think you could help please let me know.
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willing to hire out to get a working example of what i am looking for. If intrested contact me for more info.

implementing a grpc server inside Unlreal makes great sense, I’m thinking of doing the same. Someone already did a demo here that you should like because the server is C++ and the client is C#: https://github.com/adamrehn/ue4-grpc…sicsDemo/Proto