Looking for someone with experience with gRPC and blueprints

Hi all,
Looking for someone to help point me in the right direction when it comes to gRPC. I have used varest in the past and i wanted to try to replace that with grpc for my learning project. I have created a grpc server using c# with .net core ef and was able to test with another c# app i made all outside of ue. I am more of a c# guy and i am learning c++ more now but i will admit to not being great with it. So if you think you could help please let me know.
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willing to hire out to get a working example of what i am looking for. If intrested contact me for more info.

implementing a grpc server inside Unlreal makes great sense, I’m thinking of doing the same. Someone already did a demo here that you should like because the server is C++ and the client is C#: https://github.com/adamrehn/ue4-grpc…sicsDemo/Proto

I am working on gRPC C++ at Google :grinning: Can answer gRPC questions here.

Unfortunately, I am only learning UE on my free time so my UE expertise is rather limited. I might try to put gRPC into UE out of curiousity, but I can’t promise I’ll get to it any time soon.

I would suggest building a standalone library that uses gRPC and then linking your UE project to that library. I.e. I would advise against building gRPC/running protoc in your UE project. UE build system just looks too custom.

Obviously, you would need to design blueprints interface outside of that library. It might be possible to build a protoc plugin that would generate a BP interface from the service description, but that would be a major undertaking.

I have already implemented my custom “TinyRpc” system which is similar to gRPC by define .proto file with a generator which generate UE/cpp and Python files, which used to do communication. It is used in my game and works well, I don’t think you can use gRPC directly in UE, and be carefully there is issue when you using protobuf in UE4 module as dlls.