Looking for someone who knows the engine.

Hi all

My names

I have been involved with a group of of people for around a year and a half some other for around 6 months and we work together creating custom made missions in Arma 3 (Real Virtuality 4)

Between the 6 person team be have

mission markers
among actor who do some pretty kl work

These guys take a very basic concept and with all of us working together we create realistic mission within the arma 2D editor, Some of the things these guys do to create an amazing mission each week free of charge amazes me each week and day they show me something new, I have some how managed to get these guys interested in learning the unreal engine and work on a project, We are in very early stages but i know with time we will become something pretty amazing.

Our current plan.

We aim to spend the next 4-6 months learning the engine in between our already community commitments and jobs family and so on, I will personally be funding the project with my own money and willing to spend small amounts so allow us to but tools software and so to enable us to work better.

I am not promising a career or money i am simply asking for someone willing to teach a bunch of amazing creative people that may hopefully lead to something amazing.

We have a , prvite gethub, websites, youtube, steam group and our own MOD’s inside the arma community all created by our community for our community we are serious and wish for someone who can see that.

Thank you for your time and if you wish to ask anything go ahead.

If this doesn’t involve UE4 then you’ll need to post this somewhere where you’ll find the right people who work with that engine. For example, ARMA does not use UE4.

This seems like a community mod team looking to expand their efforts into UE4. Not sure what an arma community would hope to achieve in UE4 if they’re trying to do this FOR the community itself, but it sounds like wants to make their mod team into a gamedev team.

Thats pretty much it in short ‘’‘’ If you see in the post I do explain that ‘‘Arma 3 (Real Virtuality 4)’’ The team is focused around an closed Arma community but are aiming to expand into a gamedev team to develop a game (not for a community) If we took the project to full support we would be aiming to make a game for a business project not for fun.