Looking for someone who can rig my ''The Flash'' model

Hey Guys, I am looking for someone who can rig my The Flash Model, so that I can use it in C4D.
It’s not in T-Pose… and I am too bad at it to do it on my own :smiley:

Would be great if there is someone who want to do me a favor :stuck_out_tongue:

Image of the model (not fully textured yet)

Who made that model?

As for doing you a favor:
if someone does it for you this time, you’ll still not know how to do it next time.
So better take this as an oportunity to learn rigging.

There are plently of C4D rigging tutorials on the web that show how to create a character rig,
adjust it to your model and weightpaint it.

Ofc. a T- or A-posed Model would be easier to rig (symmetry), but if you can manage to rig this one,
you’ll truely mastered rigging.