Looking for someone who can help with 3d modeling and rigging

Hi I’m looking for someone to help out with rigging and creating 3d models for my game thats still in early development called Badlands: PreGate
I’m hoping to find someone that works well with others, understands how to rig and model characters, and would even have the ability to give and
create ideas for the game in question

The game I’m creating is horror based and plays like Portal and DOOM 3

it takes place in a old lab deep underground called PreGate that housed a bomb that was used to create a apoplyptic world above on the surface
the only things that live in the facility are old and damaged robots that follow their leader V.I.P.E.R who helped run the facility back in the day but now hates and wants
to destroy every human alive for abandoning him deep underground
you play as a robot who was dug up untouched by the destruction deep in PreGate as the days go on you soon find out that V.I.P.E.R is building and conjoining
other robots together to create powerful abominations that will be used to destroy everything on the surface and because of this you try to escape but as you do so
a unknown source sets free all of the abominations and now they reak havok inside the facility so its up to you to escape to the surface unharmed

Sadly i have no way of being able to pay as i have no source of income coming my way at this moment

I have a lot of the characters that will be in the game already drawn out in detail so they can be used as sources to create the models and if you
ever need more i can always draw more

I have a lot of what I’ve done so far on my Twitter and Instagram which ill have links for below you can reach me there if needed or you can go
and just see what the game will have



I’ll try my best to respond to your guys replies as much as possible on here or even on my Twitter or Instagram and if you have any questions please ask them
Hopefully we’ll become great partners and make a game that I’m sure everyone will love